Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDTs)

The Alliance employs a team of MDT Co-ordinators whose key role it is to support communications and patient information across health, social care and voluntary services. This role ensures the right people are receiving the right health and social care at the right time. Being the central point of coordination this allows timely intervention for patients to reduce hospital admissions and allow patients to be cared for in their place of choice.

The MDT team hold frequent meetings in GP practices and care homes to discuss patient needs. They are responsible for making sure that all professionals who have a stake in that patient’s care have the same up to date information from which to make the best decisions for that individual. They also have a role in collating and managing patient data across the system.

The MDTs are also involved in the Care Home Alliance project. This where GP services have been streamlined so that patients always see the same GP from the same practice rather than multiple GPs. This is very important for continuity of care and 89% of care home patients are aligned to the city proactive care model. This represents an increase of 26% since the beginning of the project in January 2019.

Partnership working

This is a key element of providing consistent care to the highest standard for Sunderland residents.

All Together Better - Sunderland GP Alliance

The MDT coordinators are members of the wider Community Integrated Teams. These teams come under the umbrella of All Together Better (ATB).

An enhanced model of integrated care around ‘neighbourhoods’ is being introduced a part of NHS future planning. This will continue to build on the foundations set up in Community Integrated Teams which have been happening in Sunderland for the past four years .

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