Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinators

The Alliance is pleased to announce the recruitment of three additional MDT Co-ordinators, working throughout the City of Sunderland to provide integrated care.

By working alongside GP practices, MDT co-ordinators help provide a high quality service, focused entirely on patients.  Integrated care enables healthcare professionals to operate in a more collaborative and cohesive manner across provider boundaries. This approach helps healthcare services to integrate effortlessly and operate in a more unified manner.

It is an essential requirement for MDT Co-ordinators to ensure that patients receive the best outcome in healthcare. They work to support the integrated care team in the management of patient care; making sure that all necessary resources are available, giving the best possible care to patients in Sunderland.

MDT Co-ordinators offer a combination of skills and experience within the healthcare environment to assist GPs in the City of Sunderland. One GP surgery in particular, New City Medical Centre, has recently benefited from MDT Co-ordinator Julie Barnett.

Janice Preece, Practice Manager at New City Medical Centre commented:

We have had some positive outcomes to patient’s treatments and care packages from the the outcomes of meetings facilitated by Julie Barnett, our MDT Co-ordinator. 

We can see a positive impact on our more vulnerable patients who are at risk, and we continue to ensure that every effort is made to better manage their care and individual needs in their own homes.”

With a history in both legal and medical secretarial roles, Julie was deemed a “perfect fit” for the role of MDT Co-ordinator.

Julie said:

“I really enjoy working within the health sector and I am looking forward to working with a range of healthcare professionals in order to assist with the delivery of patient care.”

The Alliance is really pleased to see how the MDT Co-ordinators have been making a difference and benefiting GP surgeries across the City of Sunderland.

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