Following the work done in the Coalfields, pre Vanguard and pre Alliance back in 2013 to 2015, and a consultation exercise in the West locality led by the Locality Commissioning Manager, the Alliance has developed a scheme whereby practices can choose to align care home residents to their practice by working with other like-minded practices.

This will allow practices to have a more locally based, rather than dispersed care home population, but is not intended to increase the numbers of care home patients in any one practice.

In doing so the project aims to release capacity in both care homes and GP surgeries by minimising duplication of contacts, and reducing travel time between visits etc. We also hope this will lead to more proactive care between surgeries and their linked care homes.

In all cases, patient choice is paramount, and any patient wishing to remain with their existing surgery will be supported to do so.

To help implement this project, we have commissioned Tyne and Wear Care Alliance who have many years’ experience working within the care home sector.

This project is funded via the Vanguard initiative and, therefore, has funding for this financial year only. Utilising this resource we have devised a phased plan that aligns by locality in eight week blocks. Tracey will be coming out to other localities to discuss the early feedback from the West and propose new alignments. There will be time limited incentives available to register new patients at your surgery should you chose to engage with this project.

If you have any further questions about this project please contact Tracey Teasdale [email protected]