Progress update

Those of you who saw the General Practice Forward View published a couple of weeks back will have seen the announcement of funding to extend the Clinical Pharmacy Pilot to recruit a further 1,500 pharmacists into General Practice. In Sunderland, as a pilot site, we’re ahead of the game and we have now appointed seven Clinical Pharmacists to the team who will be coming on board over the next three months.

The first three members of the team will join us on 23rd May when we will welcome Megan Blythe, who will be carrying out the role of Senior Clinical Pharmacist, and Ambreen Aslam and Christina Gkali, who will both undertake the role of Clinical Pharmacist. After completing a week-long CPPE residential and Alliance induction, the team will be commencing work in five practices from Monday 6th June. The Practices involved in the June wave are: –

• Deerness Medical Group
• Herrington Medical Centre
• Dr Stephenson and Partners
• Dr Weatherhead & Associates
• Villette Surgery

The remaining pharmacists are completing their notice periods with their current employers and will start work with the Alliance over the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to working with the rest of the pilot practices to enhance their clinical teams with pharmacy expertise in due course.

For further information, please contact Robin Blythe – Contract Delivery Manager at [email protected]