Sunderland has been at the forefront of providing services for carers. As services have developed we have explored the opportunity to improve those services using digital technology.



Sunderland Carers’ Connect Service is a service designed for carers by carers.  Its principals are built on supporting a carer in their caring role and remembering them as individuals.  Using the Florence Simple Telehealth solution a pathway of motivational messages and understanding how carers are feeling, has been developed.  This provides a text messaging support service for carers throughout their time as a carer or for however long they choose to use the service for.


Who has been involved?

The project has been a multi agency approach.  The initial concept was born out of the palliative care steering group.  The table below shows the organisations involved.

Sunderland CCG Sunderland Carers Centre
South Tyneside Community Nursing Service Sunderland City Council
Pallion Health Centre Simple Florence National Team
Jontek Sunderland Care and Support
Carer representatives

How it works

Carers have the opportunity to let the carers centre know how they are feeling at any time. They are promoted to submit this score every 3 weeks but are reminded that they can share their score anytime. A low score creates an alert to the local authorities contact centre where a call handler rings the carer to help understand any concerns and offer advice, guidance, signposting and where appropriate referral to the urgent social worker team. This service is offered 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The carers centre is able to monitor the scores of their carers and if they begin to see a decline in overall scores are able to provide support to that carer.
The service also provides motivational messages and quotes as well as reminders about activities at the carers centre. It reaches out to carers to remind them to do things for themselves. It provides reassurance and makes carers feel that someone is thinking of them.


Further information

If you require any further information about this service please contact the carers centre on:
0191 549 3768