As you will be aware, there are currently two vacancies on the Alliance Board following the resignations of Dr Fadi Khalil and Dr Karthik Gellia, both of whom left to take positions on the CCG Exec.

In the interim, Dr James Bell, and Dr Rory Mackinnon were both temporarily appointed as non-executive directors to ensure the Board remained adequately resourced.

An election process to appoint permanent replacements commenced in September with a request for nominations from interested applicants.  Only two applications were received, both from the existing directors, James and Rory.  As such Dr Bell and Dr Mackinnon have been appointed unopposed.

Both directors have been appointed on four year terms.  Please join me in wishing them well in their new roles.

To confirm, the Board now consists of:

  • Dr Martin Weatherhead (Chair), Dr Weatherhead & Associates
  • Dr Julia Cook, Hetton Group Practice
  • Anne Lilley, Village Surgery
  • Dr James Bell, Springwell Medical Group
  • Dr Rory Mackinnon, Dr Cloak & Partners