Following Tracey Teasdale’s appointment as Head of Federated Clinical Service for Sunderland GP Alliance, Karen Swaile is taking over as the Programme Lead for Enhanced Primary Care, working closely with other stakeholders in Sunderland Vanguard.

EPC this year 2017-2018 continue to run a number of the projects from 2016-2017 such as the operation and continued development of MAP, Care Home realignment, Ambulatory ECGs and the Post-discharge services. New for this year is the scoping and possible development of an acute home visiting service which is currently in progress. An engagement event was held in March where a variety of stakeholders came together to express their opinions around this. Dr Jane Halpin from Herrington Practice has been working alongside the Recovery at Home Team during April and May, to identify potential gaps in current service provision and where improvements are required to enhance both this and meet the requirements of general practice. A summary of Dr Halpin’s evaluation will be available in the next newsletter.