As you may have heard at the October Engagement Event, the Alliance has been able to negotiate a discount for all practices and GPs who have their indemnity policy with MDDUS, or who transfer their policy to this provider.

The discount – available on your next renewal or when you transfer your membership – equates to around £200 per year for every full-time GP.  If another 16 Alliance GPs join MDDUS, the discount will double, so if you’re interested in joining, please give them a call.  MDDUS membership offers (though please check with MDDUS that the cover you’re purchasing meets your requirements):

  • Core hours cover from 08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays;
  • Extended Hours cover, where the GP has full access to the patient’s NHS GP clinical record and delivers predominately non-urgent care to patients is included within the standard sessional rate. Pre-booked patient appointments on weekends and evenings are likely to fall in this category;
  • Out of Hours cover (defined as outside the definitions above and including the provision of urgent/emergency care to patients, as well as care delivered without access to patients’ records). All partners and other members prior to June 2012 can provide OOH cover with no premium to the normal sessional rate for up to 3 sessions per week. Others can provide OOH services at a small premium of £200 per annum for the first weekly OOH session, £600 per annum for two sessions per week and £1,400 per annum for three sessions per week.
  • Vicarious Liability cover for Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Practice Managers and other non-clinical administrative staff.
  • Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Prescribers are provided the opportunity of associate membership within the discount practice scheme and at no additional cost if the ratio with GP members is 1:1. Additional numbers above this ratio can be purchased.
  • HR and Employment Law advice and specialist legal advice from a partnership with Capsticks regarding partnership and premises issues.
  • Online Education and quarterly printed publications offering a variety of articles highlighting common risk areas in general practice, ethical dilemmas, detailed case studies with learning points.
  • New members can apply online using the scheme code “1701”.  You should complete the drop down boxes as follows:


Where you are renewing cover, the discount should be automatically applied.  Standard rates, for comparison, are as follows:

Sessions GP Partner, Salaried and Locums 1-4 Year Newly Qualified GP
3.6-4.5 Sessions  £4,303   £3,503
4.6-5.5 Sessions  £6,110   £4,975
5.6-6.9 Sessions  £6,447   £5,249
7.0-8.5 Sessions  £8,089   £6,586
8.6-10.0 Sessions  £8,515   £6,933

In order to improve our future negotiating power, we would like to align renewal dates wherever possible, so you will be offered part year cover to take you to 1st June. Annual cover will resume thereafter. Having a large block of GPs renewing at the same time improves the ability of the Alliance to agree discounts going forward.

As always, if you have any problems accessing the discounts, just let us know.