It is now almost six months since MDT meetings were mobilised, and we’d like to say a big thank you to all the practices and staff that have supported this new initiative.

The Alliance has been gathering data from mid-November 2015 until the end of March 2016, and this shows that more than 1,500 Person Centred Health and Social Care Plans and more than 650 Emergency Health Care Plans have been put in place since Community Integrated Teams began. In just four months huge progress has been made and now 0.8% of the population have a plan in place. As a result, we have started to see a levelling off of admissions against an otherwise continuously upward trend. This picture is based on admissions data up to February, and when March’s figures are released, we expect it to reveal more positive news.

So thank you again to everyone involved in Community Integrated Teams for their hard work and dedication in making this happen!

For this year, we’d like everyone to continue targeting the same cohort of patients for the time being. This will allow us to gather more data and get a richer picture of where we are having the biggest impact. We’ll use this learning to tweak guidance later in the year – expect to hear further around June.

For more information please contact Judith Taylor, Contract Delivery Manager, 0191 516 6076 or [email protected].