Please note that due to the recent cyber-attack affecting the NHS we are recommending the following:

Exising patients:
If you already have an appointment please ring your medical practice in advance to confirm your appointment has not been affected.

New appointments:
Appointments will be made for emergencies only.

Please note:
The practice is open but we are severely limited due to the cyber-attack as our IT systems have been isolated to protect them.

Please bear with us and if the matter is not urgent please consider contacting us later in the week.

If you are feeling unwell and need our help please hold for reception.

If you need an emergency supply of medication, please visit your community pharmacy who can help.

For more information about the cyber-attack read the BBC News article below:

NHS cyber-attack: Bosses fear further infections from ransomware:

Patients have been urged to use the NHS “wisely” as it discovers the full impact of Friday’s global cyber-attack.

NHS England said there was a “complex emerging picture”, amid concerns over thousands of computers being switched back on after the weekend.

Seven trusts out of 47 that were hit are still facing serious issues, but patients have been told to turn up for appointments, unless advised otherwise.

Some GPs are asking people to consider whether they really need appointments.

The virus that hit the NHS in England and Scotland, known as Wanna Decryptor or WannaCry, has infected 200,000 machines in 150 countries since Friday.

‘Be patient’

The ransomware, which locks users’ files and demands a $300 (£230) payment to allow access, spread to organisations including FedEx, Renault and the Russian interior ministry.

In England, 47 NHS trusts reported problems at hospitals and 13 NHS organisations in Scotland were affected.

Existing patients with appointments should ring their medical practice to confirm the appointment is still available.
New appointments will only be made for emergencies.

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