It’s been a very busy time at the alliance with the team needing to expand in scope and size.

You may have noticed several roles on NHS jobs. To update everyone we have successfully recruited to the 2 vacant MDT coordinators posts and hope to have the staff in place in February 17.  We are currently out to recruitment for a further post due to the current post holder leaving at the end of March 17.

We have successfully recruited to the lead nurse position for the APMs practices and we are currently in the process of the pre-employment checks before a start date is agreed.

We have also been successful in recruiting 3 new members to the clinical services team – 2 new contract delivery managers and a project assistant. Again, we are in the process of pre-employment checks but we are hoping these people will come into post in February to support various projects we have ongoing including Extended Access and Map of Medicine etc.

Finally, we have 2 vacancies currently out to recruitment on NHS jobs they are a HR Manager Role and the Lead Nurse for the Career Start Programmes.

If anyone has any questions regarding any of these roles please contact head office.